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This Is The Happiest Place In The World

This Is The Happiest Place In The World
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This Is The Happiest Place In The World

Move along Switzerland, as this year’s happiest place in the world is Denmark.

Ahead of the annual celebration of the World Happiness Day in March 20, the World Happiness Report Update issued this year’s ranking of the happiest countries in World with Denmark besting other 155 countries.

Based on the 2016 report, with 7.526 points, Denmark outperformed Switzerland, last year’s happiest country at 7.509 points, just a few points away. The list, collated by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations, checked the overall happiness of people from 156 countries in the world.

Other European countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Finland trailed behind Switzerland rounding up the top five happiest countries in the world. Other superpowers such as the United States and the United Kingdom ranked 13th and 23rd, respectively.

According to the report, measuring happiness is much better than measuring GDP, health, education, and other aspects of human life. The overall subjective feeling of happiness can impact the life of a person in so many ways, the report adds.

“The widespread interest in the World Happiness Reports, of which this is the fourth, reflects growing global interest in using happiness and subjective well-being as primary indicators of the quality of human development,” the World Happiness Report Update 2016 read.

The report also noted that economic affluence of the country does not necessarily equate to happiness, referring to Iceland (3) and Ireland (19). The report added that while both countries suffered economic turmoil that badly hit their economies, this didn’t affect the people’s overall happiness.

In the same way that even progressive and highly developed countries such as the, Singapore (22), United Kingdom (23), and France (32), among others, are not as happy as other less developed countries that had a higher overall happiness index. Even oil-rich Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates (28), Saudi Arabia (34), Qatar (36), and Kuwait (41), had a lower happiness index than relatively poorer countries.

Afghanistan (154), Togo (155), and Syria (156) rounded up the least happy countries in the world, the report shows.

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