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Hangouts 4.0 Comes To Android With Material Design

Hangouts 4.0 Comes To Android With Material Design


Hangouts 4.0 Comes To Android With Material Design

iPhone users have been enjoying Hangouts 4.0; now it’s the Android users’ turn. The good news is that the app has now been updated with Material Design.

Unlike the previous version, Hangouts 4.0 now allows users to send as well as reply to group MMS messages with Google Voice.

What’s new this time?

There are a few noticeable changes in the latest update. A Floating Action Button has been added to the app. And how will this help you? Unlike previous Hangouts where the new conversation button was almost invisible, this latest addition will make it easier to start new conversations.

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Here is what Google posted on its official blog about Hangouts 4.0.

Why should you install Google Hangouts?

Easy conversations, affordable calls, outbound caller ID are some of the features that make Hangouts 4.0 a must-have on your phone. Android users, it is time you start exploring and enjoying this app on your phone.

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