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Halle Berry Feels ‘Heartbroken’ By Oscars’ Lack Of Diversity

Halle Berry Feels ‘Heartbroken’ By Oscars’ Lack Of Diversity
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Halle Berry Feels ‘Heartbroken’ By Oscars’ Lack Of Diversity

Halle Berry is the only woman of color recognized by the Academy during the recent times. For her, the diversity row in the Oscars is truly ‘heartbreaking.’

Actors of color who express disappointment over the Academy Awards’ “lack of diversity” in their recent nominations were practically called names by those who do not share the same sentiment. People believes that the call to boycott Oscars is their way to “sour grape,” because they weren’t part of the list of nominees.

If that’s really it, what do we call Halle Berry, 2002 Academy Award winner for Best Actress in “Monster Ball,” who feels the same way her fellow actors do towards the #OscarsSoWhite issue?

As someone who identifies with the actors snubbed in the nominations, Halle Berry was asked about her thoughts on the current diversity crisis happening at the Oscars. At the 2016 Maker’s Conference last Tuesday, Berry reminisced her Oscar win 14 years ago.

“To sit here almost 15 years later, and knowing that another woman of color has not walked through that door, is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking, because I thought that moment was bigger than me. It’s heartbreaking to start to think maybe it wasn’t bigger than me. Maybe it wasn’t. And I so desperately felt like it was.” Halle Berry recounted what she felt upon the award while repeating how broken she feels towards the issue.

According to Entertainment Tonight, aside from Halle Berry, only 7 other actresses of color were nominated for an Oscar. Three of them were Gabourey Sidibe for “Precious” in 2009, Viola Davis for “The Help” in 2011, and Quvenzhane Wallis for “Beasts of the Southern Wild” in 2012; the only ones given the chance to be recognized by the Academy.

In addition, The Guardian sees that Halle Berry believes Hollywood failed to fulfill its duty of “faithfully portraying the American existence.” Berry added, “The films, I think, that are coming out of Hollywood aren’t truthful. The reason they’re not truthful, these days, is that they’re not really depicting the importance and the involvement and the participation of people of color in our American culture.”

Although the management behind the prestigious award-giving body hasn’t confirmed the reason that pushed them to arrive at this decision, Halle Berry voiced out in simplicity how concerning the system goes within the Academy.

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