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Hairstyle For Roundface? New Virtual App Lets You Imagine How You’d Look

Hairstyle For Roundface? New Virtual App Lets You Imagine How You’d Look


Hairstyle For Roundface? New Virtual App Lets You Imagine How You’d Look

In today’s generation, when almost everyone has a smartphone, there seems to be an app for everything. Apparently, this includes an app that detects how one would look with different hairstyles.

The web-based image search engine app called Dreambit, which was developed by developers at the University of Washington, allows anyone in the world with internet access to imagine how he or she would look like with different hairstyles, age, and nationality.

According to the university paper, the app works when the user uploads a photo and input different keywords. It could range from “curly hair” to “1990s hair.” With that information, the app searches the internet for similar images that fit the keyword, then replaces the image with the user’s uploaded photo.

Apart from the app’s ability to analyze how the person would look like with different hairstyles and nationalities, among others, it is also capable of predicting how a person would look like at different ages.

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UW assistant professor of computer science Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, who also developed the app, said it is far more useful than what users would initially think of today. She said the app can help look for missing individuals and hiding from the authorities.

“It’s hard to recognize someone by just looking at a face, because we as humans are so biased towards hairstyles and hair colors. With missing children, people often dye their hair or change the style so age-progressing just their face isn’t enough. This is a first step in trying to imagine how a missing person’s appearance might change over time,” Kemelmacher-Shlizerman was quoted as saying by the UW Press.

The app, which was a product of years of research from the university, was presented during the SIGGRAPH 2016, the world’s largest annual gathering of IT-based innovations. The researchers are still fine-tuning the app, which will be released in public before this year ends.

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