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Hackers Defaces Angry Birds Website after NSA Spying Report

Hackers Defaces Angry Birds Website after NSA Spying Report


Hackers Defaces Angry Birds Website after NSA Spying Report

angry birdsRovio has confirmed that hackers were able to somehow deface the Angry Birds Website late Tuesday (January 28). But the Finnish mobile game maker said the defacement made was detected in just several minutes. It was immediately corrected. The hacking incident did not compromise data of end users at any point.

Interestingly, the favorite fowl of many people turned into ‘Spying Birds’ during the short site defacement. Visitors who were lucky to check out the site during the hack attack were able to see the game’s logo being replaced by ‘Spying Birds.’ One of the iconic characters of the popular mobile game had the NSA logo affixed into its head.

The company said it takes time for the corrected information to finally be updated. This could be because there is variation on how the online media name resolution works. The attack could be compared to the attacks that compromised the New York Times last year.

Reaction to allegations

The hacking incident is seen as reaction to a recent New York Times report that said that the US National Security Agency and the British intelligence formed a partnership to collect as well as store user data from a number of smartphone apps, allegedly including Angry Birds. The report was based on information allegedly provided by former NSA employee and whistleblower at large Edward Snowden.

Before weekend, Rovio denied allegations that it voluntarily handed over data of users to government officials. The company insinuated that leaked data of its users, if ever there is, could possibly come from its third-party advertising networks. Developers reiterate that the alleged surveillance could possibly have been conducted through those networks that are used by numerous commercial sites and mobile apps across various industries.

The perpetrator

As of Wednesday, was totally back to normal, without any trace that it had been subjected to such a compromise. Users of the site still enjoy uninterrupted access to various games from the company online. Among the most popular games that are checked out online these days are Angry Birds Go!, Bad Piggies, and the Star Wars-themed angry birds games.

Meanwhile, the notorious Syrian Electronic Army cleared itself of any responsibility to the latest attack on Angry Birds. But in its tweet about the incident, the group of ‘hacktivists’ hinted that it knows who did the attack. It simply stated that the hack attack was done by ‘a friend.’

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