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HackerCare Aims to “Hack” Health Care in Bootstraps

HackerCare Aims to “Hack” Health Care in Bootstraps


HackerCare Aims to “Hack” Health Care in Bootstraps

In a matter of just four years, David Varvell went from no health insurance to buy a high deductible plan and then full coverage through an employer. In his opinion, switching over of insurance is quite tricky. However, the founder of Tiny Cat Loans, a platform for community lending, put forward his views that he and his family have settled on HackerCare. This is just the startup as HackerCare startup that is functioning to hack HackerCare.

 HackerCare was launched in the early part of February and already boasts a dozen members. The company registers members for a health plan with the aid of insurance broker and for an additional $50 a year, provides other services from the health startups to aid insurance with goal of decreasing the costs.

HackerCare is released for entrepreneurs by business people. Additionally, it is quite easy to communicate with the tiny and livelier company like HackerCare as compared to massive Hulk like Kaiser or Blue Cross. It is great to get the coverage even in the startups for HackerCare.

HackerCare is currently focusing on registering the people in Silicon Valley. However, expansion is expected later this year from coast to coast. The company in initial phases is looking forward to provide additional features in collaboration with health startups. They are looking to attract a real customer pool by providing HackerCare customers with services that saves money for them.

So far, either 1.6 million Californians have either registered for a plan or enrolled in the state Medi-Cal through Covered California. Covered California is a state’s insurance exchange program. It allows users for searching for suitable plans depending upon their income and Zip code. Different plans are available, ranging from $200 to higher prices. Covered California might be the best place for information about getting federal assistance, counseling or any other type of insurance information.

HackerCare also provides the unique services of TelaDoc that allows the members to avoid the deductibles to meet a doctor and Skype with one of them.

HackerCare members may prove to be the perfect experimentation platform to try and examine the new services. In the upcoming times, HackerCare will provide the services of deductible pool that will allow the users to avail the 80% deductible coverage in case of a catastrophic event. HackerCare has thousands of members and can write its own insurance plan.

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