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Hacker Compromises BBC’s Server; Tries to Sell Access to other Cybercriminals

Hacker Compromises BBC’s Server; Tries to Sell Access to other Cybercriminals


Hacker Compromises BBC’s Server; Tries to Sell Access to other Cybercriminals

Hacker Compromises BBCs ServerHackers are getting more talented and resourceful these days. A hacker under the monikers ‘Rev0lver’ and ‘Hash’ was able to secretly take over a BBC computer server. After doing so, he literally had access to resources owned by the oldest and largest broadcaster.

Hash also tried to make money out of his endeavor by selling access to the system to his fellow cybercriminals. That campaign was launched on Christmas Day. It is still not clear if he was able to sell access to anyone during and after the period.

BBC said its security team has already responded to this issue last Saturday (December 28). The British company now believes that it has completely secured the Website. However, we may not expect the broadcaster to make any comment about the hacking incident. A spokesman for the company reiterated that they do not make any comment about security issues.

Hacking ftp systems

It is not determined if the hacker was able to steal data or cause any serious damage during the attack. But the hacker compromised a server that currently manages an obscure online site that is obviously password-protected. It is also not yet very clear how BBC uses the Website But its ftp systems are used for managing the transfer of huge data files over the net.

This recent hacking attack was first identified and reported by Hold Security LLC, a cyber security company based in Milwaukee. It monitors cyber-crime forums that are currently underground. It has always been active in searching for stolen data.

The discovery of the attack

According to the firm, its researchers first observed the notorious Russian hacker known as ‘Hash’ when they discovered that the cybercriminal was selling access to BBC’s site on December 25. Apparently, Hash was trying to convince other high-profile hackers to buy access to the site. He was trying to show possible buyers some files that could only be accessed when there is control over the site.

The researchers said they could not find any evidence that may indicate if conversations with other hackers might have led to any deal. They noted that the practice is now quite common. Many hackers try to sell access to their ‘conquests’ by posting such announcements on various underground forums. The BBC offer literally stood out because the media company is high profile and is having literally sensitive and interesting information.

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