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Hacked Celebrities’ Nude Photos Blamed on a Mobile Bug

Hacked Celebrities’ Nude Photos Blamed on a Mobile Bug


Hacked Celebrities’ Nude Photos Blamed on a Mobile Bug

Hacked Celebrities’ Nude Photos Blamed on a Mobile BugAre you one of the social media users who have been seeing posts about supposedly nude pictures of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence lately? Your timeline may feature several more of such messages. And those celebrity nude photos may also feature other Hollywood young celebrities.

If you are wondering about the truthfulness to such posts, you may be shocked to this latest news. A hacker has reportedly been spreading nude images of dozens of celebrities online. And those images are supposed to be leakages of real and actual nude photos taken from involved celebrities’ mobile phones.

According to reports, the leaked photos were originally posted on 4chan before those spread like wildfire on Twitter, Reddit, and other Websites. Interestingly, representatives of some of the involved celebrities have already confirmed the authenticity of the leaked nude photos, while others insist that some of the pictures are fake.

iBrute bug on iOS

In case you are wondering how the hacker was able to obtain the images, there are reports that a mobile bug should be blamed. According to some sources, a bug in the Find My iPhone feature could have facilitated the hack through iCloud. Apple Inc is yet to issue any statement regarding this speculation.

But many observers note reports that the identified bug (iBrute bug) was discovered and was curtailed just a day prior to the influx of the nude photo leakages. As it turned out, according to some experts, the service may not have used ample protection measures that allowed the hacker to guess various passwords without necessarily being locked out.

My Photo Stream

Through the iCloud technology, photos that were taken on any iOS device can instantly be backed up on the cloud, on other iOS devices, or on a PC through Photo Stream. When My Photo Stream is turned on within devices, new pictures will automatically be pushed to a photo stream.

To check if your Photo Stream is enabled on your iOS device, go to Settings and proceed to iCloud and Photos. Select whether you opt to turn on or off your My Photo Stream and Photo Sharing features. 

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