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Gwen Stefani Thinks Blake Shelton Is Her Knight In Shining Armour

Gwen Stefani Thinks Blake Shelton Is Her Knight In Shining Armour
Gwen Stefani Luis Quintana Barney / Flickr CC BY


Gwen Stefani Thinks Blake Shelton Is Her Knight In Shining Armour

Gwen Stefani shared her feelings for Blake Shelton loud and proud. Stefani described her current beau as her knight in shining armor back when she was experiencing a dark period in her life.

Speaking with “CBS Sunday Morning,” the 46-year-old former No Doubt lead singer made a big confession on how much she loves and appreciates Shelton in her life. “In all of this craziness that happened, like unexpected horribleness, I found a friend (Blake) going through literally the exact same thing as me, and that is a miracle,” Stefani said of Shelton. “And it just saved me, so much, and I feel so grateful for that.”

The “Don’t Speak” singer shared that her split from her former husband Gavin Rossdale hit her hard. “During that time period, I felt like I was down all the way, like, you don’t go down lower than that,” the 46-year-old singer said. “It was rock bottom. I was so embarrassed, you know what I mean?”

She also claimed that not announcing the divorce immediately to the public was taking a toll on her. “At that time (of my split) everything was like I had no skin, it was so raw,” she narrated. “Nobody knew what was happening, and I had this big secret.”

It can be recalled that prior to getting romantically linked with his co-mentor at “The Voice,” Shelton himself came from a controversial breakup from his former wife Miranda Lambert. Asked exactly what she feels for Shelton, Stefani quipped, “You can have me say it out loud, or [you can] listen to the song.”

In the meantime, Time revealed that the mother of three likewise considers her new album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” another savior following her divorce from Rossdale.

“It was really a life-saver record for me,” she stated. “It wasn’t until I had to go through the worst tragedy that it really opened up a channel for me to be like, ‘God gave me a gift. I’m going to use it now. Because if I don’t, I’m going to die.’”

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