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Gwen Stefani Talks Anger Issues, Ex-Husband’s Affair With Nanny

Gwen Stefani Talks Anger Issues, Ex-Husband’s Affair With Nanny
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Gwen Stefani Talks Anger Issues, Ex-Husband’s Affair With Nanny

Gwen Stefani opened up about her anger issues following the revelation of Gavin Rossdale’s cheating scandal with nanny Mindy Mann.

Gwen was talking with Vanity Fair when she mentioned the course of anger she went through when she found out about the alleged affair. She broke off from her marriage of 13 years but had a tough time going back to the studio.

The singer wrote songs fresh from the relationship to start a new life of her own. “Used to Love You” was more personal. It states that she previously loved her husband; but now, she does not. She mentioned it was her first step to move on.

She said, “I went through a real period of anger, but I felt like this song was almost like a forgiveness song,” adding, “It’s admitting, I used to love you and now I don’t.”

When she could finally admit that her relationship was over, she was able to go back to the studio to write songs. “I opened this channel to writing again,” she mentioned. “It was me being honest, being real.”

E! News pointed out that Stefani never thought she will become successful again. It was difficult, but she did it. She eventually found new love in Blake Shelton, and the couple is seemingly happy with the way things have turned out.

“This Is What the Truth Feels Like” is her third solo album. It has become the talk of the town. She said, “I feel like I’m in an amazing songwriting place; instead of being closed off, I’m thinking about positivity and how I can do something creative.” She mentioned that she is doing what she has always wanted to do.

Gwen Stefani is not going to write about heartache anymore, as her encounter with pain is over. She said she will look forward to the next song and move on in her life. Morning News USA wishes her all the luck.

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