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This Guy Was Willing To Pay For A Stranger’s Gas (See Photo)

This Guy Was Willing To Pay For A Stranger’s Gas (See Photo)
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This Guy Was Willing To Pay For A Stranger’s Gas (See Photo)

Tyson Crawley was struggling to get money from his ATM card when another man decided to pick up the tab for his gas out of nowhere.

Tyson who lives in Albury in New South Wales, Australia was at a gas station at 6:20 in the morning to fill up and grab some iced coffees. Everything was going well until he went to pay for his purchases.

It turns out that the night before, Tyson had transferred all of his money into a new bank account. Problem is, he didn’t have the bank for this account. He then resolved to use one that had his joint account registered in but unfortunately, he also forgot his pin number.

This is the moment that Tyson started to panic a little bit. He tried to reset his pin and failed. That is when a man walks up to him and asks, “Do you need some money?”

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It turns out this man was already in the shop earlier. In fact, he was the one bought coffee and paid for it right before it was Tyson’s turn at the counter. At his offer, Tyson just said, “No, no, no. I just cant remember my pin!”

The other guy still insisted. He said, “It’s fine” He then went towards the register as Tyson said, “No, no, no, please! It’s ok! Ih ave the money, I just can’t remember my pin.”

The next thing that happened was quite remarkable. The stranger then told Tyson, “It’s a free country, isn’t it? I can help a brother out, can’t I?”

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After Tyson realized he was out of options, he gratefully accepted the stranger’s offer to help him. His bill was not cheap and the man shelled out $110 for Tyson.

Once his bill was already settled, Tyson asked for the man’s name and number so that he could pay him back. He also asked to take a photo with him. The man obliged but soon as the photo was snapped, he was gone.

Meanwhile, the attendant at the registered who witnessed it all told Tyson, “It’s your lucky day.”

That day, Tyson learned a very important lesson. “What is money compared to the quality of human life, ” he remarked in a Facebook post.

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