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Gunmen Openfire At A Tunisia Beach Killing At Least 28


Gunmen Openfire At A Tunisia Beach Killing At Least 28

At least 36 were wounded and 28 were killed in a terrorist attach by gunmen carrying Kalashnikov rifles in a beach resort on Tunisia’s Sousse town on Friday.

Local television reports reveal that one gunman, reportedly the leader, was killed in the shootout. The other gunman is being pursued by the authorities.

Ministry of the Interior spokesman Mohamed Ali Laroui said that the attack started in Imperial Marhaba hotel with the terrorists getting in from the back before firing at local tourists who were on the beach.

The town of Sousse is a popular destination for British and Irish tourists and is located 90 miles southeast off the country’s capital, Tunis.

The Imperial Marhaba hotel is a five-star hotel located in Sousse. According to their website, it is strategically located at “a beachfront location with impressive views of Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia.”

Tunisia is the birthplace of the popular contemporary revolution known as Arab Spring to remove its then president, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. It is in the northernmost area of Africa and is home to 10.8 million citizens.




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