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Guccifer 2.0 Identity: Facts About Lone Wolf Hacker

Guccifer 2.0 Identity: Facts About Lone Wolf Hacker
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Guccifer 2.0 Identity: Facts About Lone Wolf Hacker

Guccifer 2.0 is the same lone wolf hacker who made a fool out of the current and former members of the Congress, after the hacker dumped their contact information online.

This took place at the beginning of the weekend, when thousands of documents from the Democratic National Committee were released online. According to NBC, Guccifer 2.0 had chosen to keep his identity a secret. However, the lone wolf hacker is not really shy, as he had been busy sharing a little about himself and his objectives while successfully evading authorities.

It has been alleged that the lone wold hacker was simply a front for Russian intelligence.

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He goes by the name Guccifer, another notorious hacker who leaked the George W. Bush paintings on the Internet and was imprisoned in 2014. The new lone wolf hacker claimed he was also from Romania. In an interview with Vice Motherboard, he said that he is a hacker, manager, philosopher, and a woman lover.

“I also like Gucci! I bring the light to people. I’m a freedom fighter! So u can choose what u like!” he said. He was asked if he had any sort of ties with Russia or the Russian government. In response, he said that he never liked Russians and hated being attributed to Russia.

On his official blog, he also said it would be stupid to show his IDs. He also said he is a man, and that he has not encountered a great female hacker of his kind yet.


The new hacker said he is working alone, and he loves that. He directly said he is elated with the international attention he is getting. In the interview, he said that people must fight for freedom of minds and “fight for the world without Illuminati.”

He stated that his mission is confined within his own boundaries. He said that this is his personal project, and he is proud of it.

“Yes, I risk my life. But I know it’s worth it,” he said.


On June 2014, a hack in their system was acknowledged by DNC, and Guccifer 2.0 took credits for it. According to the hacker’s official Twitter account, it was him who leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

He believed that the U.S. Presidential Elections is one of the most talked-about issues in the global platform. He said that he hacked the DNC server with a zero-day exploit to get a back door access, then downloaded a Trojan-like virus on their PCs.

He had to move from computer to computer to maintain his stealth, and that was how he evaded CrowdStrike.

About Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The lone wolf hacker said that Clinton seemed false to him. He claimed that with all her money from political activities and lobbying, she is a slave of moguls.

“She is bought and sold,” the hacker said. He also stated that Clinton never had to work hard or risk anything.

However, while talking about Trump, the lone wolf hacker had a different tone. He believed that Trump made his money himself and is sincere in what he says. He also stated that Trump’s position is straight and clear. “Anyway that doesn’t mean that I support him. I’m totally against his ideas about closing borders and deportation policy. It’s a nonsense, absolute bullshit.”

It has been alleged that Guccifer 2.0 is nothing but a Russian front, with an objective to jeopardize Clinton’s candidature and create favorable conditions for Trump to win.


According to him, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are the heroes of the computer age. They fought for truth and justice, and tried to make the world better and transparent.

“People like them make us hope for tomorrow. They are the modern heroes, they make history right now.”

Marcel Lazar a.k.a Guccifer is a major inspirational figure for him. He said that Lazar made him what he is today and proved that even the most powerful can have weak points.

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