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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ 2 Update: Vol. 3 Movie Details Revealed

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ 2 Update: Vol. 3 Movie Details Revealed
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 via Facebook


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ 2 Update: Vol. 3 Movie Details Revealed

While fans await the release of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Vol. 2, it looks director James Gunn is already planning his next gig. The Marvel movie currently remains a mystery as the studio hasn’t released its teaser trailer from San Diego Comic-con till now.

By far, it has been revealed that “Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol. 2 will be introducing two new characters in the movie. Kurt Russell will be starring as Ego the living planet and Pom Klementieff as Mantis, a new recruit alongside the Guardians.

While fans would probably expect the Guardians to pop up next with the Avengers, James Gunn could bring them back again for Part 3. According the director’s recent tweet, he said “GotG3 will probably happen” but he confirmed that he currently has “no real plans for it yet.” Furthermore, he also might plan on taking other projects as well. Check out his tweet below.

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During James Gunn’s interview at San Diego Comic-con, the director revealed that Stan Lee said to him his cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was the best by far in MCU. Check it out here.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol.2 will be releasing on April 25th, 2017. Furthermore, it looks like Michael Rooker’s Yondu has a significant role in the movie as well. Unfortunately, Fans would have to wait for the teaser trailer reveal to know more.

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In other news, Marvel Studios has been progressing steadily with other MCU titles as well. Recently it was revealed that “Captain Marvel” brought in a new director under its short list names.

While fans still haven’t gotten a glimpse of Brie Larson in the superheroine costume, a fan artist has digitally altered her image in Carol Danvers costume. Click here to know more.

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