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GTA 5 Update: Bike-Themed DLC For Xbox One, PS4 Coming Out Soon?

GTA 5 Update: Bike-Themed DLC For Xbox One, PS4 Coming Out Soon?
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GTA 5 Update: Bike-Themed DLC For Xbox One, PS4 Coming Out Soon?

Data miners have found evidence that suggests Grand Theft Auto 5 will be receiving a new bike-themed DLC later this month. The new GTA 5 update will reportedly feature a handful of freemode events and another property option for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The freshly-discovered game scripts also mentioned a new method of modding vehicles from a special service station. In addition, the upcoming GTA 5 update will bring in new vehicles for players to mod and race in.

NeuroGadget reported that YouTube user MrBossFTW recently divulged interesting details about what seems to be a new GTA 5 DLC. The screenshots include biker-related scripts such as gb_biker_rescue_contact, gb_biker_bar_deal and gb_biker_joust.

Further evidence found that one particular vehicle will soon be playable on the game’s recent Cunning Stunts DLC. There is still no word on what the vehicle will look like. Nevertheless, the new ride could be one of many weekly launches Rockstar has been talking about this past few months, as per Express.

Speaking of Rockstar, the gaming studio announced on its official news site that a nifty GTA 5 feature called the Stunt Race Creator will be launching this week on Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. According to Rockstar, the in-game tool will “usher in a whole new age of player-made mayhem.”

Five new Stunt Races will soon be added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts. Rockstar is open to the idea of adding the vertigo-inducing tracks via future GTA 5 updates.

As of the moment, three new vehicles have been added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts. These are the Vapid Contender, the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo and the MTL Dune. Similar to the five new Stunt Races, the three new vehicles could soon make their way to GTA 5 in the near future.

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