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GTA 5 Game: Liberty City DLC Possibly Confirmed By Leaked Screenshot

GTA 5 Game: Liberty City DLC Possibly Confirmed By Leaked Screenshot
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GTA 5 Game: Liberty City DLC Possibly Confirmed By Leaked Screenshot

Rockstar Games has been mum about its upcoming GTA title and DLC announcements for GTA 5. Except for a few tweaks and updates, fans haven’t heard any interesting news since the Heist. However, a new image is causing worldwide traction among gamers for all the right reasons.

According to reports from IGN, the image appears to be a screenshot of GTA V’s Liberty City modified with RAGE engine. The remodelled screenshot was first spotted on GTA Forums by Spider-Vice and BlackScout.

Sources are saying that the image originated from Adrian Page. Although it could easily come from a fan, according to a LinkedIn profile, a person going by the same name is an artist working for Rockstar Games.

This isn’t the first time we have been titillated by Rockstar. Back in 2012, Leslie Benzies, ex-Rockstar North president, gave us convincing info about what expect with the Liberty City DLC. He said, “One big world containing all our cities [that] let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas.”

Gamesradar reports that fans are thrilled from what they see in the screenshot. Heat-filled discussions are taking place in GTA forums. Moreover, to confirm the authenticity or to figure out if the image can expose new information, fans are analyzing it inch by inch.

While the possibility of experiencing a classic map in GTA 5 sounds fun, this could be a fan-made map using the RAGE engine. IGN says the users would be testing its porting capacity. If true, perhaps, we can expect a mod that’s fan-made or from Rockstar Games (it’s a long-shot, but the possibility remains).

For now, fans can wait for the “biggest and deepest updates” for GTA Online. The studio unveiled it to be “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” scheduled to release on June 7.

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