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GSK Shuts Down Site Due To Bacteria

GSK Shuts Down Site Due To Bacteria
Glaxo Smith Kline Offices at Brentford Maxwell Hamilton/ Flickr CC BY 2.0


GSK Shuts Down Site Due To Bacteria

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was forced to shut down a part of its manufacturing site temporarily in Zebulon when a certain kind of bacteria was discovered in its cooling towers, WRAL has learned. The bacteria legionella was discovered during a routine test.

Bacteria legionella can cause Legionnaire’s disease, which is a type of pneumonia. Moreover, the said bacteria can also lead to an infection known as legionellosis.

A spokesman for GSK has told WRAL that only GSK’s main site in the area was shut down. In fact, there are a number of buildings on the GSK campus that have remained open following the discovery of the bacteria.

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Bacteria legionella was reportedly not found in the other buildings. Moreover, the affected cooling towers do not deliver air straight to the other unaffected buildings.

Employees Are Asked Not To Show Up To Work

Meanwhile, employees in the main site will not be returning to work until the affected cooling towers have been cleaned and tested again. Moreover, employees who work in the main site along with second and third shift employees will reportedly be notified not to come to work until the issue is fixed, according to WNCN.

GSK spokeswoman Jenni Brewer Ligday has told WRAL that the company is taking every single precaution to make sure that employees stay safe and healthy. Furthermore, Ligday says they are also doing everything ensure the “safety and integrity” of their products.

There are actually several products made in GSK’s manufacturing facility in Zebulon. These include Advair, Ellipta and Breo. The company, however, has also stated that the manufacturing of the said drugs were not affected by the bacteria.

No word has been issued as to when the affected plant will be open again.

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