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Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Adalind Dumps Nick, Black Claw Returns

Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Adalind Dumps Nick, Black Claw Returns
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Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Adalind Dumps Nick, Black Claw Returns

“Grimm season 5” has ended after a 2-hour long finale filled with epic fight scenes and a heartwarming moment between Monroe and Rosalee who was revealed to be pregnant.

With such an epic season finale there is no doubt the stage has been set for the sixth season.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with actor David Giuntoli and quizzed him about his relationship with Eve and Adalind and what he hopes to see in the sixth season of the show.

With Eve appearing in season 5 with all of Juliette’s memories intact should he pursue a relationship with her and risk Adalind dumping him?

According to Giuntoli, after the magic stick restored everything, Eve is now free from the hexenbiest side-effects and is now essentially Juliette again.

Given that Nick and Adalind have a child together her presence will definitely cause friction between the two. Whether they split or not it’s up to the writers although they are a bit biased toward Adalind.

Aside from the supernatural love triangle, there is also the showdown between Renard and Nick. Giuntoli gave to the viewers to decide for themselves whether the two engage in a brutal melee or choose the boring side and politically resolve the matter.

The actor also revealed that Black Claw is no longer a threat. Having killed 30 people that tried to get to him, David Giuntoli says that the organization is basically done and it’s him against Renard in ‘Grimm‘ from now on.

Regarding his character, all that he wants is to move away from outside distractions and focus more the main characters.

According to him, there is enough history between them to make an interesting season such as Rosalee and Monroe having a baby and how Juliette’s return will affect them.

Regarding the baby, should Monroe and Rosalee don’t choose him as the godfather, the ‘Grimm’ star says Nick will just quietly resent them for the rest of his life.

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