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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Finale: Callie Torres Will Die?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Finale: Callie Torres Will Die?

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Finale: Callie Torres Will Die?

With “Grey Anatomy” Season 12 ending soon, the age-old question pops up: who is going to die this time? The speculations that it will be Sara Ramirez’s character Callie Torres who will die are high, all because of her cryptic tweet.

It all started when Ramirez announced her departure on Twitter from the show, Grey’s Anatomy, a couple of days back. Ramirez has been on the show for over a decade now said, ‘That’s a wrap for Doctor #CallieTorres #Season13,’ she tweeted.

Is that a hint of her departure from the show for good? Although she had hashtagged it #Season13, which could mean she’s done with season 12 and ready for 13, but the possibility of her leaving for good is not that low. Season 13 is not that too far off either. It begins, in Fall this year. If so, will she die?

According to Cosmopolitan, there are several reasons why Ramirez’s tweet hinted her leaving. First, Ramirez is straight forward. She does not mince words. If she says it’s a wrap, then it is a wrap.

She could also be trying to have some with her fans and messing up their minds a bit. Second, Ramirez might be negotiating her contract now and seeing fans rally against her character leaving might give her the bargaining chip she needs to have a better contract.

On the other hand, Ramirez was perhaps celebrating her final work day on Season 12, as reported by Cosmopolitan magazine. She is presently working on May 19 season finale. As per TVLine, Ramirez’s personal representatives have not answered to their requests for comment on her tweet.

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