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‘Green Lantern’ Reboot: Matt Damon Tired Of Jason Bourne, Wants To Play A Superhero Next

‘Green Lantern’ Reboot: Matt Damon Tired Of Jason Bourne, Wants To Play A Superhero Next
Matt Damon Signing Autographs Out back of the Isabel Bader Theatre during tiff 08 Premiere of The People Speak Chris Harte / Flickr CC


‘Green Lantern’ Reboot: Matt Damon Tired Of Jason Bourne, Wants To Play A Superhero Next

Matt Damon is currently one of the most targeted celebrities by DC fans. Since the actor confessed his interest to play a superhero after Jason Bourne, there has been debates on which fictional role would suit Damon in DCEU.

Last week, Matt Damon hinted fans his ability to take on DC superhero roles like Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Shazam. However, it looks like the 45 year old actor isn’t looking forward to be known as Hal Jordon from Space Sector 2814.

In a recent interview with Omelete for Jason Bourne, Matt Damon was asked which superhero he would be interested to play. While the actor revealed that he doesn’t “even know which ones are left” and most of the DC characters “are all done at this point.” The journalist suggested, “You can reboot the Green Lantern?”

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Initially Matt Damon mockingly smirked at the question. But he later said, “That didn’t go so well the last time, there was a lot of talented people and it didn’t work, maybe that’s a sign I should leave it alone.”

Most of the DC fans suggested Matt Damon to be the perfect actor to play as the Green Lantern in DCEU. However, it looks the actor does not consider the fictional role to be a perfect fit for him.

Earlier, there were speculations suggesting Matt Damon to have a role in Ben Affleck’s Batman. It was reported that the actor could play as an Arkham supervillain in the movie. However, there has been no confirmation by far.

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Last week, BossLogic also digitally altered an image of Matt Damon as the Green Arrow. Furthermore, the actor can still be approached to play as the Hush in reboot Batman.

In other news,  Ben Affleck was recently spotted working out at the gym for his role as Batman. click here to check it out.

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