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Green Lantern: DCEU Version Of John Stewart And Kilowog Shown In Fan Art

Green Lantern: DCEU Version Of John Stewart And Kilowog Shown In Fan Art
WonderCon 2011 – Green Lantern movie logo The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek / Flickr cc


Green Lantern: DCEU Version Of John Stewart And Kilowog Shown In Fan Art

A Green Lantern announcement is expected among DC fans. So far, Warner Bros has neither confirmed nor denied the space corp sectors’ existence in their upcoming films.

Last month, a credible source hinted that the Green Lantern will be the 7th member of the Justice League. However, the source did not reveal if the Lantern will be Hal Jordan or John Stewart.

Recently, a fan art came close to depicting DCEU’s version of Green Lantern. The image below reveals John Stewart and Kilowog side by side. The image was created by George Evangelista and was shared on his Twitter page.

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The artist fan-casted actor Michael Jai White as John Stewart. Fans on social media have been tagging the actor to get his response on the image.

The John Stewart version of Green Lantern is well-known among DC fans as part of the Justice League animated series. Hal Jordan was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in DCEU’s Green Lantern in 2011. The movie resulted to a failure.

There was speculation that Matt Damon could play Green Lantern in upcoming DC films. However, the rumor was shattered when the actor confirmed that he wasn’t interested in the role.

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Earlier this week, actor Luke Evans was also fan-casted as Sinestro after BossLogic transformed him into the supervillain. Earlier, Mark Strong portrayed Sinestro in Ryan Reynolds’ DCEU film.

There was speculation that the Green Lantern will appear in a cameo role in Justice League. While rumors remain unconfirmed, Warner Bros is still in the process of casting actors for the film. Green Lantern may be one of the untitled DC films confirmed under Warner Bros’ schedule.

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