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Green Arrow Movie Possibly In Works

Green Arrow Movie Possibly In Works
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Green Arrow Movie Possibly In Works

The Green Arrow has been through a lot! Fans may have witnessed our hero lose everything he held on to, even his life. But he has always made a comeback.

The New 52 similar to Green Arrow TV Series

The New 52 introduced the post-Flashpoint Green Arrow. He looks young, face hairless, and is still in control of Queen Industries, similar to the TV series. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet up to comic fans’ expectations.

Yesterday, DC decided to bring back the Arrow we lost in “Injustice Gods Among Us.” Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 has brought our hero back with the Black Canary. Not to forget, Oliver is back with his goatee!

Since the release of DC Rebirth, there are discussions about the comic realm influencing the DC Extended Universe (films). In earlier reports, we shared our view on DC’s decision to take on the “New 52” in its upcoming movies. So what can we expect from the Green Arrow? A debut movie? To fight with the Justice League? Nope.

Since Green Arrow is already being played by Stephen Amell, fans hoped that the actor could put on the hood for the Extended Universe as well. However, it seems like DC hasn’t even thought about including our emerald Archer in the Extended Universe.

During his talk show appearance with Larry King, Amell was asked the obvious question, and his response will fill our heart with disappointment. “I’ve spoken with people within DC and they’ve said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change.”

That’s right, folks. No Green Arrow in Justice League Part One and Part Two. We should not expect to see his appearance till the end of 2020. But, like Amell said, things change depending on fans’ response or outrage for not including the Green Arrow.

It doesn’t mean that DC wouldn’t surprise us with a debut movie in Phase Two. Watch the video below as Stephen Amell talks about Green Arrow and DC with Larry King.

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