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Great White Shark Sighted Off Maine Beach, Coast Guard Informed

Great White Shark Sighted Off Maine Beach, Coast Guard Informed
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Great White Shark Sighted Off Maine Beach, Coast Guard Informed

The spotting of a great white shark 1.2 miles off of Moody Beach, Maine, is being investigated by Wells police, who have subsequently closed the beached and warned people to be careful in the water.

A charter fishing vessel sighted a shark on Sunday at around 1:30 p.m.

Jaron Thibault, the occupant of the boat, said he and his family got closed to the boat thrice. “Yea it was really cool,” he said, according to WCSH6. “It was spooked very easily.”

Although a boat was deployed in the water by the Wells harbormaster, it could not report back a confirmation of the same. Fearing that it was in fact a lethal animal, Proctor’s father said that they should inform the U.S. Coast Guard.

As reported by Portland Press Herald, Proctor said, “[The shark] was interested in our bait but came under the boat, circled around and came up parallel to the boat before he dove again.”

In a statement issued by the Wells Police, Sgt. Kevin Chabot said that spotting a shark is rare at this time of the year especially in close proximity to the shore.

Wells Beach chief lifeguard Katie Bordeau said that the beach was shut down on Saturday following the report about the sightings came in. On Sunday, few people returned to the beach.

Scott Lever saw a shape when he bent over his console 25 miles off of Portland, Maine.

The shark was also spotted by a man (claiming to be an avid diver) along the Old Orchard Beach coast. Old Orchard Police have thereby informed the U.S. Coast Guard.

Wells Police warned the neighboring beaches regarding the sighting. The U.S. Court Guard were also informed about the sighting, though they could not confirm whether it was a great white shark.

The sighting comes on the 40th anniversary of the thriller film “Jaws,” featuring a man eating great white shark. The film was shot in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Last month, a great white shark was spotted off the New Jersey shore. The shark, called Mary Lee and weighing 3,456 pounds, was tagged with an electronic tracker in 2012 and has since traveled almost 20,000 miles, according to Daily Mail.

Morning News USA previously reported an incident where two teenagers lost their limbs after a shark attack them at the same stretch of a North Carolina beach. Although the beaches did not close down following the incident, helicopters from the sheriff’s office  were deployed to monitor the coast.


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