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Great Sale: AT&T Slashes $200 Off iPad Price for iPhone Buyers

Great Sale: AT&T Slashes $200 Off iPad Price for iPhone Buyers


Great Sale: AT&T Slashes $200 Off iPad Price for iPhone Buyers

Great Sale: AT&T Slashes $200 Off iPad Price for iPhone BuyersFor those who are planning to buy a new iPad, this comes as great news. AT&T has launched a promotional offer to slash off $200 from the price tag of the tablet specifically for those who are purchasing a new iPhone 5S or 5C from the wireless network.

However, the company requires its customers to sign up first on its AT&T Next program before they are entitled for the deal. This arrangement allows buyers to pay off the overall cost of a smartphones in installment, for 12 months or 18 months instead of locking those into two-year subscription contracts. These allow customers to upgrade to new handsets faster.

AT&T Next

For a 16GB iPhone 5S, a subscriber has to shoulder $27.09 each month through AT&T Next 18. It will cost $32.50 monthly through AT&T Next 12. Overall, it would cost $199.99 coming with a two-year subscription contract and $649.00 for an unlocked unit.

A 16GB iPhone 5C costs $22.92 monthly on Next 18. It costs $27.50 on Next 12. The same unit is available for $99.99 coming with a two-year subscription and $549.99 for an unlocked handset.

To be eligible for the iPad discount, a buyer should agree to sign to a two-year subscription contract for the device. Available data plans are ranging from $14.99 per month to $50 per month. That would depend on the scale of cellular data that is preferred.

Reduced price tags

Currently, AT&T sells every 16GB iPad Air with Wi-Fi and cellular for $529.99. With this markdown offer, it is possible to purchase the same device for just $329.99. The wireless network also sells iPad Air 32GB for $629.00, 64GB for $729.99,and 128GB for $829.99.

Are you considering buying an iPad mini? AT&T has an offer for a 16GB iPad mini (non-Retina) for just $199.99, down from $329.99. Still that discounted rate must come with a required purchase of either an iPhone 5S or 5C. AT&T clarified that it still has no promo covering iPads with Retina display.

This great deal is available in all AT&T stores nationwide but only for a limited time. However, the company did not specify the specific duration of the discount program. The timing of this offer also comes in an interesting time, when Apple Inc is expected to unveil and launch its new handsets and/or tablets in September.

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