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Gray Sweatpants Challenge: Everything To Know About Mannequin Challenge Replacement

Gray Sweatpants Challenge: Everything To Know About Mannequin Challenge Replacement
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Gray Sweatpants Challenge: Everything To Know About Mannequin Challenge Replacement

A new Gray Sweatpants challenge is on the house now and it seems like people are putting in almost anything and everything in their pants. And by anything we literally mean anything.

Another silly but funny challenge called the Gray Sweatpants Challenge is taking the online world by storm.

What had once started out as a platform for men to flaunt their package has been turned into an excuse for fun now. The challenge calls for anyone to put whatever they can to put it in their pants.

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What is the Gray Sweatpants Challenge?

The Gray Sweatpants Challenge comes in to fill the void for the Mannequin Challenge, which seems to be dying out after creating a huge buzz. The challenge initially was not at all challenging.

Originally, it was only about dudues snapping a photo of their manly package while wearing gray sweatpants, probably to immortalize their penises on the internet.

According to Bustle, the people who took it very seriously started posting photos of their outlined essentials under the hashtage “#greysweatpantschallenge”. Well it did not take long for those male chauvinists to get a hard reply.

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What do people stuff in their pants?

The chauvinists received a shocker after their challenge became a trend as people started to make fun of it. According to Hollywood Life, a new and non vulgar version of the challenge came out where people started to stuff their pants with the unthinkable.

Men and even women, started to stuff their pants with vegetables, toys, households items. Even pets were not spared from going down the pants. They made these look like their genitalia and started to post pictures of themselves on Twitter.

Some of the shocking pictures included a pet dog, Christmas tree, musical instrument stuffed inside their pants to make them look hilarious. All of these items were exposed through the baggy gray sweatpants.


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