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Graphic: Bear Buries Woman Alive For Next Meal

Graphic: Bear Buries Woman Alive For Next Meal
Photo Thomas Lefebvre / Unsplash


Graphic: Bear Buries Woman Alive For Next Meal

A four-year-old female bear buried Natalya Pasternak alive to save her for its next meal. Pasternak was collecting birch sap in the forest of Tynda, Amur region in Siberia when the bear saw her and went for an attempted kill. The bear clawed the woman’s hair and skin and beat her head and thigh. Thinking she was already dead, the bear covered her with mud and dried leaves to keep for its next meal.

Woman survives being buried alive

Another woman saw the incident and called for rescuers. Sergei Ivanov, one of the first people to arrive on the scene, said the information they got was that it was the woman’s dog that was ripped by the bear. With this information, they responded without the police.

“I walked softly. The predator at this time was guarding its prey and, not wanting to share it with competitors, it jumped out of the trees to the noise [of us]. I waited until it came closer and shot from six metres – four shots, with the fifth to the head. I looked and saw a woman, almost completed buried. Only her bloodied face and one arm was sticking out, but she was alive and breathing. She was conscious,” Ivanov told The Siberian Times.

“Only underwear remained on the woman. Her clothes were torn,” he said.

Pasternak asked them if they have killed the bear and told them to dig her out from the ground. Ivanov then called the ambulance and the police.

Woman buried alive by bear remains in serious condition

Pasternak was brought to the Tynda District Hospital for where she remained in serious condition. She was under observation to see if she could be transported to a more equipped hospital, the Amur Regional Clinical Hospital.

“The question of transporting the patient to our hospital will be decided today or tomorrow and they should be bringing her to us by medical aircraft. Now her health condition is stabilized so she will be able to endure the flight. It is too early to talk about treatment. First, we will make a physical examination and then make a decision,” Lyudmila Ostapenko, deputy chief physician of the Amur Regional Clinical Hospital, told The Siberian Times.

Pasternak is showing great improvement.

“Just yesterday the patient was non-transportable. But she has now been disconnected from the ventilator, and is breathing by herself,” said Marina Gulevich, Deputy Minister of Health of the Amur Region.

Warning: graphic video.


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