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Grandma Meets 86th Grandchild On Her 86th Birthday

Grandma Meets 86th Grandchild On Her 86th Birthday

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Grandma Meets 86th Grandchild On Her 86th Birthday

Marie Frey has as many great grandchildren as her age.

The 86-year-old woman recently welcomed her 86th great grandchild. She has 68 grandchildren, six step grandchildren and 86 great grand children in her family.

As reported by the Daily Chief Union, Marie and her husband had 15 children of their own.

Marie’s 86th great grandchild is Blakely Grace Frey, born on Thursday. Blakeley is the daughter of Marie’s grandson, Kenny Frey. “I don’t think we’ll quite make [a family] as big as grandma’s,” Kenny said, “but it’ll be big in its own right.”

Marie’s 87th and 88th grandchildren are also on their way. As reported by AOL News the 87th great grandchild, who is due in three weeks, will be the 7th grandchild of Marie’s daughter Rosanne Goodrich.

Marie, native of Ohio, experienced her “ups and downs” while raising 15 children, and said it became “sometimes chaotic.” However, she said none of her children “ever stayed angry at each other… they’re all close.” While ninety percent of her family is in Ohio, Marie’s 15 children live in the same county. They often have big family gatherings, which Marie hosts. “They all bring so much food – and they’re all pretty good cooks.”

“Most of them are there every holiday. It’s just a madhouse,” Goodrich said. “Mom makes the main dish, and everyone brings at least one dish. Most bring three to share.”

Kenny said Marie’s generosity and kindness extends to her neighbors, friends and the extended family as well. “She goes out of her way to all the extended family… neighbors and friends,” Kenny said, as reported by People. “She has been instrumental in a lot of peoples’ lives.”

“I look around, I think we’re lucky,” Marie said.

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