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Gov Haley Approves Removal Of Confederate Flag From State Capitol

Gov Haley Approves Removal Of Confederate Flag From State Capitol
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Gov Haley Approves Removal Of Confederate Flag From State Capitol

The fate of South Carolina’s Confederate Flag has been decided. The numbers have spoken. The rebel flag shall be permanently removed from the state’s capitol grounds as Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill approving its removal, news said.

On Tuesday, South Carolina legislature voted in favor of the flag’s removal in a 36-3 vote after almost 12 hours of debates proposing 68 amendments from the flag’s supporters.

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On Thursday, the lady governor urged lawmakers to follow suit as the flag, controversial for being associated with white supremacist ideology explicitly manifested when a young white man shot to death 9 black churchgoers while having a prayer service inside the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Surrounded by former governors, lawmakers and relatives of the victims of June 17 Charleston massacre, the incumbent governor described the move to as a measure of concern for the “future of our children.”

“We heard about the true honor of heritage and tradition. We heard about the true pain that many have felt. And we took the time to understand it. I saw passions get high. I saw passions get low,” Gov. Haley said as covered by CNN TV.

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“But I saw commitment never ending. And so what we saw was another action. And that action is that the Confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse,” the Governor said to the applause of those who attended.

Much of what the Confederate Flag symbolizes rests on how some extreme ideologists embraced.

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“We are a state that believes in tradition. We are a state that believes in history. We are a state that believes in respect. So we will bring it down with dignity and we will make sure that it is put in its rightful place,” Gov. Haley continued.

“This is a story about the history of South Carolina and how the action of nine individuals laid out this long chain of events that forever showed the state of South Carolina what love and forgiveness looks like,” the governor quipped.

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Dylann Storm Roof was apprehended by the police for the Charleston massacre that was labeled as an act of terrorism against race by Democrat Forerunner Hillary Clinton who supports for its removal, saying it does not have a place in America.

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