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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Spoilers: Selina Kyle Own Arc, Mad Hatter & New Villains Coming

‘Gotham’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Spoilers: Selina Kyle Own Arc, Mad Hatter & New Villains Coming
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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Spoilers: Selina Kyle Own Arc, Mad Hatter & New Villains Coming

Gotham season 3 spoilers are now being released as its second season aired its finale.

Fans are about to look forward to the entrance of Mad Hatter and other villains to the Gotham season 3 as spoiler reports said. According to IGN, executive producer John Stephens revealed that Mad Hatter will join Gotham season 3.

‘Gotham’ season 3 Cast

“We’ll be seeing Mad Hatter in Season 3,” he said, adding, “We’ll be seeing the Tweedle Brothers, too, if we’re going to bring the Hatter in.”

Aside from Mad Hatter, which John Stephens already hinted in previous interviews, he added a couple of characters to be seen in the coming season of the Batman origin series.

“In line with the Court of Owls, we’ll be seeing Talon. And, we should be seeing Solomon Grundy,” he told.

TV Line’ “Ask Auellio” column also revealed that there might be more focus on Selina Kye on the upcoming season. “Matt Mitovich says that the final image from tonight’s Season 2 finale in part hints at possibly interesting times ahead for Bruce Wayne’s No. 1 gal,” the site reported.

‘Gotham’ Season 2 finale

Meanwhile, Gotham season 2 finale entitled “Transference” was said to have wrapped up Hugo Strange and Indian Hill as the origin of the villains like Freeze and Firefly.

“This decision to homogenize the rogues gallery in this way may anger longtime fans of the Batman mythos, but given the show’s determination in introducing a vast array of marquee baddies into the fray, it may prove to be the most efficient way in accomplishing that,” Screen Rant noted on its discussion.

The finale has also hinted a comeback for Jerome “Proto-Joker” Valeska in Gotham season 3 as his signature laughter can be heard in the background while a blurry shot of a person’s face was being shown. Though the face was covered, it is speculated that it was from Ed Nygma.

‘Gotham’ Season 3 Release Date

Gotham season 3 release date is still not announced though reports said that it will not be back on Fox until the fall. It will be aired during Monday nights at 8 p.m.

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