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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Premiere: Plot, Synopsis, Air Date And Facts To Know

‘Gotham’ Season 3 Premiere: Plot, Synopsis, Air Date And Facts To Know
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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Premiere: Plot, Synopsis, Air Date And Facts To Know

‘Gotham’ is all set to take its viewers on a roller coaster ride with the all-new episodes of the upcoming Season 3. Fox first surprised fans by releasing images of the second episode of the season first and thereafter went on to reveal 18 photographs from ‘Gotham’ Season 3 premiere.

‘Gotham’ Season 3 slated to premiere on September 19, on Fox at 8 p.m. The last season ended with a busload of monsters from the Indian Hill being released into the city. The monsters include the super powerful Fish Mooney and a Bruce Wayne doppelganger. Gordon went looking for and win back Lee, the EW reported.

“Gordon (Ben McKenzie) works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunter and seeks to find Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) for answers about the Indian Hill escapees – and why their powers appear to be killing them. Meanwhile, Bruce’s (David Mazouz) doppelganger roams the streets, and Barbara (Erin Richards) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) open a new nightclub called The Sirens,” read the official synopsis of Season 3.

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The ‘Gotham’ Season 3 will also reveal the sinister organisation, The Court of the Owls. With the Indian Hill escapees running loose, it is up to Jim Gordon to deal with the situation as the bounty hunter of the Gotham. Gordon then decides to hunt down Hugo Strange, the man behind the terrible Indian Hill experiments and also Fish Mooney, who had been one of the subjects of Strange.

In the meantime, GCPD Detective Harvey Bullock and Captain Nathaniel Barnes lead the fight in the filled with monsters. Bruce Wayne along with Alfred Pennyworth and former Wayne Enterprises employee Lucius Fox, learns that there is still more to his parent’s death, the Den of Geek reported.

The plot will dive deeper into the revolving stories of the city’s most dangerous villains that include the Penguin, Edward Nygma (future Riddler), and Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman). The season will also see the character of Poison Ivy, previously played by Clare Foley, undergoing a change with  Maggie Geha taking over the role, the reported.

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