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Gotham Season 3 Plot: Secret Society Like ‘Illuminati’ Possibly Featuring In New Episodes

Gotham Season 3 Plot: Secret Society Like ‘Illuminati’ Possibly Featuring In New Episodes
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Gotham Season 3 Plot: Secret Society Like ‘Illuminati’ Possibly Featuring In New Episodes

The Gotham TV series has been heavily critiqued for its adaptation from the start. Since then, the show’s rating has gradually dropped in IMDB as well. While fans can find many reasons for its failure to appeal to hardcore DC fans, it looks like Season 3 is taking a different turn

The studio has decided to reveal its plot for the upcoming season in a new promo poster. The image confirms that Gotham Season 3 will be an adaptation of The New 52: Batman – Court of Owls By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

As pointed out by Nerdist, the group is a secret society similar to the Illuminati, controlling the city of Gotham and assassinating people who pose a threat. You can check out the image below.

The introduction of The New 52: Court of Owls could revive the TV series. Based on the story line in the comics, we get a look into the life of a young Bruce Wayne, improving his detective skills and searching for clues leading him to the Court of Owls.

This also raises question if the series plans on introducing a grown up Wayne as the Dark Knight in later seasons. The comic fans would already be aware that it was the Court of Owls who brought out the concept of Batman in Wayne. By far, the producer have also teased that the Court of Owls is responsible for the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Warner Bros. have confirmed the show’s cast and director appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. We can hope to hear more news on Gotham Season 3, perhaps a short trailer as well. Gotham Season 3 will kick off on September 19. Click here to know more about Warner Bros. schedule for DC at SDCC panel.

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