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GOP Debate 2016: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Launch Attacks On Donald Trump

GOP Debate 2016: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Launch Attacks On Donald Trump
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GOP Debate 2016: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Launch Attacks On Donald Trump

The GOP debate saw Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio pulling out a series of attacks on front runner Donald Trump.

The US senators used an attacking strategy to take down Trump, who has emerged victorious in three of the first four contests.

Rubio was one of the contenders who launched unrelenting attacks on the real estate mogul. “If he hadn’t inherited $200m, you know where Donald Trump would be? Selling watches in Manhattan,” Rubio said, who went on to criticize Trump’s unsuccessful online education venture, Trump University. The business mogul also faced heat for hiring foreign workers over Americans for his construction projects, for which Trump responded by saying, “I hired tens of thousands of people. You’ve hired nobody.”

Meanwhile, Rubio also attacked Trump over the latter’s claim that he’d build a wall along the Mexico border. “If he builds a wall the way he built Trump Tower he’ll be using illegal immigration to do it,” Rubio said. Trump said that “Mexico will pay for the wall” despite the officials in Mexico saying that they would not. He further added that, as the current and former presidents of Mexico have criticized him over the building of the wall, “the wall just got 10 feet taller.”

At the Super Tuesday, 595 delegates are at stake, BBC reports. Trump, after the four primaries and caucuses, has 82 delegates, while Cruz has 17 and Rubio, who came in second in most of the contests, contends with 16. To acquire the party’s convention, a delegate must have 1237 delegates. Of the 11 states that are holding the contest on Super Tuesday, Trump is leading in ten states. The presidential candidates will be officially announced in July.

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