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Google’s Project Ara Delays Until 2016

Google’s Project Ara Delays Until 2016
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Google’s Project Ara Delays Until 2016

Project Ara, the modular smartphone from Google, will be delayed until 2016. The company was about to test some models in Puerto Rico this year, but the task seems difficult for the company.

The delay in Project Ara, the new modular smartphone as codenamed by the company, is explained quite well by Google. According to the company there are “lots of iterations” in the design that is causing the Project Ara delay.

Project Ara tweeted a message saying that the company is in the process of scouting locations around U.S. for the new phone. The phone is going to be special and the company wants it to be perfect.

The modular smartphone in question will allow the user to change the processor, camera and more without changing the device. This swapping technology is completely new to the market.

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This may eventually mean that screen and batteries will cost less in the future. This may also give rise to bespoke industries that would concentrate on building parts compatible to the device.

When Google showcased the working prototype of the phone in I/O 2015, the visitors were just amazed by the idea. However, it seems that they will have to wait for a while before they get a glimpse of the handset.

Google previously had plans to introduce 20 to 30 modules of Project Ara in Puerto Rico area. Users could pick from the camera, speaker, battery, processor and other parts. However, with the announcement coming from the company itself, the people wanting to experiment with the new device will have to wait.

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