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Google’s Hands Free App Gets You $5 Discount On First Purchase

Google’s Hands Free App Gets You $5 Discount On First Purchase
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Google’s Hands Free App Gets You $5 Discount On First Purchase

Google pushes the limits of innovation by introducing an experimental payment app called the Hands Free app. The highlighting part is that only consumers of San Francisco Bay are eligible for a $5 discount on their first purchase made using the app.

Hands Free app encourages consumers to make payments using the service without using their phones. Consumers can make payments by telling the cashier that they want to make payments with Google. In that case, consumers will have to provide their initials so that the cashier can verify a consumer’s identity by matching his image with the photo showing on his profile.

However, in some stores, you don’t have to provide your initials since these stores have built-in cameras for matching your image with the photo showing on your profile. Bear in mind that only a handful of retailers and restaurants like Papa John’s and McDonald’s are accepting the service right now.

Hands Free app is applicable for iOS and Android devices that heavily rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services for detecting a consumer’s location nearby any participating store. Although the app was recently released, it was first announced last May. The Hands Free app is particularly designed to make it compatible with Android Pay, which is a separately Google-owned payment service, reports The Verge.

So, what prompted Google to design the app? The advertising giant wrote on its business blog, “Imagine if you could rush through a drive-thru without reaching for your wallet, or pick up a hot dog at the ballpark without fumbling to pass coins or your credit card to the cashier. This prompted us to build a pilot app called Hands Free that we’re now in the early stages of testing. It lets you pay in stores quickly, easily and completely hands-free,” reports BGR.

The idea of using your face to make payments is not something new. Earlier, PayPal and Square tried similar techniques to introduce hands free payment service, but the initiatives failed due to lack of participating retailers. We can only wait and watch to find out if Google’s Hands Free app can become successful.

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