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Google’s Android TV Remote App Now Available on iOS

Google’s Android TV Remote App Now Available on iOS
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Google’s Android TV Remote App Now Available on iOS

If you have been beating yourself up for not owning an Android device besides your Smart TV and consequently, not being able to change channels using the Android TV Remote app, the regret ends today. Google has finally introduced the Android TV Remote app for iOS users too. Now your iPhone or iPad can easily double up as your remote control for Smart TV!

The Verge announced that Google has finally spared a thought towards people possessing Apple devices on one hand and Android-powered set-top boxes and smart TVs on the other. Having the freedom of controlling the television with one’s phone or tablet is one of the things that set Smart TVs apart from traditional ones. People who had initially not given much thought to not owning a smart phone instead of an iPhone, at the time of buying a Smart TV began lamenting that very fact after they realized that the Android TV Remote app only worked on Android devices alone.

People who possessed some sort of an Android device, are familiar with this app for quite some time now. The app gives you the power control (including browsing through channels and recording programs) your Smart TV, from anywhere, be it inside your home or otherwise, using just your mobile or tablet.

According to Ubergizmo, the Android TV Remote app for iOS looks and works in an identical manner to the one available for Android users. The iPhone or iPad on which the app would run needs to be on the same Wi-Fi connectivity that the Smart Tv shares.

The app also enables users to give voice commands to the Smart TV and offers a virtual keyboard for easy typing and selecting channels quicker. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of cost on both iOS and Android devices.

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