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Google’s Android N Developer Preview Features Revealed

Google’s Android N Developer Preview Features Revealed
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Google’s Android N Developer Preview Features Revealed

Google recently released an updated version of their Android N Developer Preview on Wednesday. The new system software that was initially announced weeks ago is now available for download and manual installation.

The new system software will be compatible to smartphones like, Pixel C, Nexus 6, 6P, 5X and 9. These devices can download the over-the-air update through their Settings menu.

Along with the update, more features were added into the mobile operating system. The Developer Preview 2 is equipped with Vulkan 3D rendering API, thus improving the graphical performance when it comes to gaming apps. This technology has also been implemented on Samsung’s latest smartphones.

VP of Google’s Android engineering, Dave Burke said that Vulkan’s technology is “geared at providing explicit, low-overhead GPU control to developers,” according to PC Magazine.  Google also developed launcher shortcuts for the updated Android N. “Now, apps can define shortcuts which users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions quicker,” the company explained according to The Verge.

“These shortcuts contain an Intent into specific points within your app like sending a message to your best friend, navigating home in a mapping app, or playing the next episode of a TV show in a media app.”

Aside from making their user’s life easier, the company has stepped-up their emoji’s appearance and making it more human-like by the help of Unicode 9. The improvements include skin tone varieties, a face-palm, selfie, bacon and more, reported by GSMArena.

Furthermore, the Google N update has battery consumption management, enhanced notifications and multitasking tools for those who are actively using their smartphone. Also, the software has fixed the bugs and issues that was reported to the company, according to Android Developers Blog.

According to Google’s Official Blog,  the company created an accessibility feature that aims to help and ease the use of technology for visually impaired device owners. They equipped their software with Vision Settings and TalkBack feature that will guide them in activating their handsets from the start.

As of the moment, Google’s updated Android N Developer Preview beta-test is still ongoing and users can join in their program to check how the features work.

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