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Google Voice Transcription Receives Update, Becomes 49% Better

Google Voice Transcription Receives Update, Becomes 49% Better
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Google Voice Transcription Receives Update, Becomes 49% Better

Google Voice has not been able to win over hearts of users. There are cases where voicemail was either completely or humorously intelligible, as stated by Google.

Google, though, has finally announced an improved system of voicemail where the transcription errors are cut by 49%.

Google asked users to share some voicemails for research. Based on findings of the research, this improvement could be done. This has also become possible due to Project Fi cellular service leveraging to “long short-term memory deep recurrent neural network.”

Google Voice said that users don’t need to do anything in order to use the improved Voice transcription service. As mentioned, “To start receiving improved voicemail transcriptions, you don’t need to do a thing — just continue to use Google Voice as you have been. For those not using Google Voice but want to give it a try, sign up for a Google Voice (or Google Voice Lite) account here, it’s quick and easy to get started.”

The improvements are already there on the web. You are not going to wait much longer for better voice transcription service from Google. However, the service is still not perfect; more improvements are on the cards.

As far as contributions of Project Fi on Google Voice transcription are concerned, it can be said that it has improved the voice quality of calls and voice mails. Project Fi will be available to all high-end Google handsets. Users who have purchased handsets through a Project Fi invite will soon be able to use the seamless service from Google. The service provides fast and secure Wi-Fi, network coverage and more.

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