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Google Urges US Government To Move Faster

Google Urges US Government To Move Faster
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Google Urges US Government To Move Faster

Google wants to move on. The tech giant wants to progress further and move forward, specifically on their self-driving cars.

The search engine is calling on Congress to adopt new rules that would let the search engine receive a “special, expedited permission” to be able to ring its self-driving car that has no pedals and steering wheels to the market, reports AP.

The tech giant’s autonomous vehicle unit head Chris Urmson sent last Friday a letter to the US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx. The letter, according to Tech Times, offers an outline of a plan that will allow auto makers to prove that its fully autonomous vehicles are ready to be sold to the public.

Accordingly, the framework that the search engine has suggested will allow any auto manufacturer to follow the same path, pushing its product to commercial production and public use as long as the car passes the muster of the new legislation.

The summary of the report, obtained by AP, also states that “enormous potential safety benefits … quite promptly with appropriate safety conditions and full public input.” The said proposal was sent by Google as a response to the US Department of Transportation’s invitation for industry input on how to speed technology into the public roads as long as it is safe.

Meanwhile, The Motley Fool adds that it could be recalled that just two months ago, the administration of President Obama has pledged $4 billion USD over the next ten years. This is in order to promote the relationship between the government and tech companies.

It also helps to ensure that the US government will become less of a roadblock to driverless car tech. This proves to be not enough for the tech giant, hence the Urmson’s letter and his meeting with the Senate Commerce Committee along with representatives from General Motors, Delphi Automotive and Lyft.

The meeting’s agenda is on trying to speed up the adoption of the said driverless cars. The purpose of which is to try and persuade the congress to give the Department of Transportation more authority to open up the roadways to driverless cars.

Urmson said, “If every state is left to go its own way without a unified approach, operating self­-driving cars across state boundaries would be an unworkable situation, and one that will significantly hinder safety innovation, interstate commerce, national competitiveness, and the eventual deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Google is said to be hoping that the federal laws will make it easier to develop and release self driving cars. Urmson also proposed that the Congress should move swiftly “to provide the secretary of transportation with new authority to approve life­saving safety innovations.” The new authority will “permit the deployment of innovative safety technologies that meet or exceed the level of safety required by existing federal standards, while ensuring a prompt and transparent process.”

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