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Google Trends Starts Sending Email Notifications

Google Trends Starts Sending Email Notifications


Google Trends Starts Sending Email Notifications

Google Trends Starts Sending Email NotificationsWhat’s the buzz? If you are the type who prefers having breaking news updates right at your fingertips, Google has good news for you. You don’t have to constantly and frequently monitor different news sites and apps through your smartphone or tablet.

By this time, you should start getting more familiar with Google Trends. It is a helpful service that is aimed at allowing Google users to find out and monitor what others are searching for on a monthly or even daily basis. As the name suggests, it provides online trends.

Now, a new feature is added to Google Trends. The service has started sending out email notifications. Its users are certainly raving about this new and exciting development.

Google Trends email notification

You can now create a subscription to Google Trends. By doing so, you could opt to instantly receive emails about what other Google users are most interested about. You could determine the most popular keywords or subjects that are being searched about using the most widely used search engine in the world.

Furthermore, you could determine the trending topics per country. In an effort to make categories easier, Google has grouped the trends into three types: the ‘hot,’ ‘hotter,’ and ‘hottest’ content.

People who are addicted to the latest news could now receive email notifications as the news happens and whenever there are new topics that get into the ‘hot searches’ list. Users could also lower the information flow to just a weekly instead of daily cut, if they want.

Top charts

Moreover, Google Trends users could subscribe to ‘top charts’ features in the same fashion. It organizes searched-for content through more specific categories: books, actors, reality shows, and the likes. Email notifications would only be sent whenever a new iteration to the ‘top chart’ is released.

You think that’s all about it? You are wrong. Google also allows users to possibly set up their email subscriptions based on various customized topic queries, which could be received in the form of reports on a monthly or weekly basis.

Some observers think that this new exciting feature may resemble Google Alerts. Some observers think that Google Trends’ email notifications could indicate two things. First, Google may probably be focusing again on Google Alerts. Second, this may indicate that Google Alerts would soon be eliminated and replaced by Google Trends email notifications.

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