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Google Traffic Now 77% Encrypted; Plans To Achieve 100% In The Future

Google Traffic Now 77% Encrypted; Plans To Achieve 100% In The Future
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Google Traffic Now 77% Encrypted; Plans To Achieve 100% In The Future

Google has been on the fast track to improve its products as well as its services too. Last time we reported on how they have just unveiled a new product for marketers, specifically the Analytics 360 Suite. Today, we bring you news of improvement that the tech giant has just announced to the public – the American firm improving its encryption efforts.

The search engine has reported that 77% of its traffic to its servers uses encrypted connections; in simpler terms, it is protected from hackers. The percentage given was noticeably an improvement from the 52% that it had during the end of 2013.

However, the encryption does not cover mail exchanges between Gmail and other email services, reports Yahoo. The stats reveal that Gmail’s service is 100% encrypted provided that the correspondence remains within with the email platform.

It is followed by maps with 83%, advertising with 77%, news service with 60% and Finance with 58% encryption frequencies. Advertising encryption has also increased from 9% at the end of 2013 to 77% now. Next on its list will be YouTube, which the American firm is planning to bring under its encryption plans by the end of 2016.

According to Information Week, despite the efforts the search engine giant has made, it acknowledges that improvements are still needed for its products and services. The California-based company has also noted on its transparency report posted on its site, saying it has been working hard towards its objective of achieving 100% encryption across its products and services.

Additionally, as the tech giant works on it its products and services to support HTTPS encryption, it was observed that it had varied results due to technical barriers in supporting encryption that range from older software that doesn’t support modern encryption technology to some countries and organizations blocking or degrading HTTPS traffic.

Times of India reports that with its encryption crusade, Google is trying to make it almost impossible for government spies and other snoops from deciphering personal info in the internet. According to a blog post written by the company Encryption “Evangelists” Rutledge Chin Feman and Tim Willis, “Our aim with this project is to hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to encrypt so we can make the web even safer for everyone.”

Google has started emphasizing the need to encrypt users’ online activities after confidential documents were leaked in 2013 by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, which revealed that the US government has been vacuuming up personal data transferred via the internet, reports The Vindicator.

And while trying to blanket its services into encryption, the California-based company has also been trying to use the clout of its influential search engine to prod other sites into strengthening their securities. It could be recalled that by August 2014, the tech giant has revised its closely guarded formula for ranking websites in its search order to boost those that automatically encrypted their services.

This change has pressured websites into embracing encryption as they face the risks of demotion on Google’s search results if they don’t do so. It should be noted, though, that while the search engine is highlighting its digital security progress, FBI and Apple is currently in a battle over an encrypted iPhone used by a suspect behind the San Bernardino shootings.

The tech giant has joined several other major tech companies in backing the latter on its refusal to unlock its iPhone, which was court-ordered. The Cupertino-based company has argued that it would require a special software that can be exploited in the long run by hackers and government snoops to pry their way into encrypted devices.

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