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Google+ To Launch Pinterest-like ‘Collections’ Feature

Google+ To Launch Pinterest-like ‘Collections’ Feature
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Google+ To Launch Pinterest-like ‘Collections’ Feature

It has been reported that Google+ is about to launch a feature called Collections, which lets users share their interests, reminding everyone of Pinterest.

The feature was revealed by DroidLife, which describes the Collections feature as “part Pinterest, part blogging.”

According to sources who have spoken with DroidLife, the new Google+ feature will enable users to “create collections of photos, links, and videos, or follow other users’ collections.” There will also be themed channels users can choose from.

It is also likely that a shortcut to the Collections via the user’s Google+ circles will be available.

DroidLife speculates that the new feature is in a private beta mode as of now, but interested Google+ supporters need not wait longer as it will be launched anytime soon.


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