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Google Teams Up with Auto Firms to Bring Android to Vehicles

Google Teams Up with Auto Firms to Bring Android to Vehicles


Google Teams Up with Auto Firms to Bring Android to Vehicles

Google Teams Up with Auto Firms to Bring Android to VehiclesGoogle Inc has unveiled its Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) project. The initiative would serve as its collaboration with car manufacturers like GM, Audi, Honda, and Hyundai with chip maker Nvidia. The goal of the extraordinary partnership is mainly to speed up in-car tech innovations.

OAA would adopt an approach that would ultimately promote openness, scale, and customization. It is also set to accomplish an interesting goal: to put Android into cars. This initiative would bring apps and services to drivers to deliver more cutting-edge capabilities to customers.

This alliance would also develop new Android features that would perfectly fit vehicles. Those would facilitate wireless connection between cars and Android devices. OAA is set to disclose more details about this project soon.

With the integration of Android into cars, drivers would finally be able to use various mobile services without possibly disrupting focus on the road. Because the mobile operating system is already a familiar and popular platform for numerous developers, it is possible that more powerful experience could be delivered to users.

Through Android, car manufacturers could use a platform that is already popular among millions of customers. This would help make the experience consistent among various customers.

Early use of Android in cars

It should be noted that several car makers already use Android. For instance, Kia demonstrated the use of an infotainment system based on Android during last year’s New York International Auto Show held last April. It has claimed to be the first ever car maker to use the system into its own cars.

Members of OAA are also inviting other manufacturers and parties to join the initiative. They aim to build a more common platform that would bring and use Android on the road. Interestingly, they set a goal to launch the first Android integration into cars by the end of 2014.

Other firms

Not surprisingly, other technology firms like Microsoft Corp and Apple Corp are also emphasizing the prospect of integrating mobile technologies to cars. For its part, Apple set this as a main goal, which is a key focus for the company.

During its recent World Wide Developer Conference, the company unveiled ‘iOS in the Car.’ It is a special interface that enables owners of iPhone 5 to facilitate calls, access music files, take directions, and send or receive SMS through merely using the display and controls of a car.

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