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Google Sets the Way for Android Watch

Google Sets the Way for Android Watch


Google Sets the Way for Android Watch

Google Inc has revealed plans to continue development and to soon release watches and other wearable PCs that are based on the Android mobile operating system. The company is putting up alliances and partnership with technology, fashion, and electronics firms.

The so-called Android Wear project aims to convince software manufacturers to develop and create apps for the upcoming smartwatches. This puts Google right at the center of efforts to jumpstart the anticipated wearable PC market.

To date, some technology manufacturers have already expressed their efforts to join the bandwagon. LG Electronics is set to introduce its first ever Android watch to be called G Watch in the next quarter (April to June). Motorola is set to release Moto 360 Android watch this summer. Even Fossil Group Inc is also currently working on its own Android watches.

Early perceptions and goals for Android smartwatches

On its own blog, Google has shared its own perceptions on how Android smartwatches would be most useful to consumers. In the blog, some users are depicted as they check sports scores real time, control music, send text and email messages, and even open garages at home.

Presently, the company is trying to align to a broad spectrum of partners for the development of smartwatches. This way, Google has hopes that it could possibly replicate the overwhelming success that propelled Android to become the most popular operating system in the world.

Many observers, experts, and consumers have the belief that wearable PCs or smartwatches could be the next important technology shift. It could be analogized to the evolution of smarphones from PCs.

Google thinks that smartwatches could be part of computing evolution in the future. But it would have to be seen if smartwatches would be indispensable accessories or just ‘nice-to-have’ gadgets.

Partnership with some device makers and tech firms

There are already over 10 companies that have accepted partnership with Google for this endeavor. Those include HTC Corp, Samsung Electronics, Intel Corp, Asustek Computer, Broadcom Corp, Qualcomm Inc, and Mediatek Inc.

It can be recalled that Samsung was one of the first firms to develop and sell smartwatches for consumers. But its Galaxy Gear is yet to pick up interest from consumers. Meanwhile, Qualcomm is currently working on its ‘multiple’ wearable gadgets that are based on Snapdragon processors. Android Watch is expected to come before Apple Inc’s speculated smartwatch iWatch.

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