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Google Set to Release Android TV Soon, According to Report

Google Set to Release Android TV Soon, According to Report


Google Set to Release Android TV Soon, According to Report

Despite the lukewarm response of the market to the previously launched Google TV, the giant technology firm seems determined to pursue the idea of developing its own TV box. According to sources, the company is currently developing a new platform to be called Android TV.

If that project would push through, it is expected to compete with Apple Inc’s Apple TV as well as’s recently launched offering, Fire TV. Leakages of supposed documents about the development of the new product reportedly describe Android TV as ‘an entertainment interface instead of a computing platform.’

Another set top box

Sources claimed that Android TV would be comparable to the present set top boxes flooding the market like Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV. It may not be compared to Google TV, which power not just television sets but also Blu-ray DVD players and media boxes of firms like Logitech, Sony, and Intel. Reports specified that while Android TV would operate the platform, user interface would feature scrolling cards specifically for apps, movies, shows, and games.

This is not the first time that reports emerge about Android TV. Interestingly, as early as October 2013, some sources had already reported that Google was already integrating Google TV with a new Android project. Back then, those sources said the endeavor could possibly be called Android TV.

More about Android TV

Additionally, Google is reportedly creating simple apps for Android TV. It is reportedly stripping the TV box features like cameras, telephony, NFC, and touch screen support in an effort to keep developers more focused. Google has also reportedly developed ready-made interfaces particularly for developers for the integration of shows, photos, games, films, and music.

Android TV is also reportedly set to be controlled by a remote control. Navigation is expected to be easier with the four-way directional pad for scrolling left and right or up and down through various content categories. The same remote control would also reportedly feature Home, Back, and Enter buttons, making it similar to the control of Amazon’s Fire TV. There would also be optional game  controllers.

What’s more, leakages also suggest the presence of several apps in Android TV like Play Movies, Hangouts, and YouTube. For third-party apps, where would be Netflix, Vevo, Pandora, and Hulu. Thus, Google could already be coordinating and collaborating with various content providers for this new service.

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