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Google Self-Driving Cars Involved In Accidents Caused By Human Error

Google Self-Driving Cars Involved In Accidents Caused By Human Error
Il punto della situazione sullo sviluppo delle Google Car al via i test su strada Automobile Italia / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Google Self-Driving Cars Involved In Accidents Caused By Human Error

One of Google’s driverless cars was involved in an accident when it was out on the streets of Mountain View, California. The car in question was out to map the street and the accident, according to the company, was caused by the driver in the other vehicle.

The company’s driverless cars were involved in a number of accidents over the years throughout its testing phase and each time the company mentioned such, it was due to human error and not the machine’s fault. According to the monthly report revealed by Google on Wednesday, there were two accidents in the month of June and in both the cases, the other drivers rear-ended their Lexus SUV that stopped at the red light.

One of the accidents was caused when the other vehicle hit the car at 5 miles per hour, causing damage to the rear bumper. In the other instance, the speed was not that much and there were no damages.

The first accident was on June 4 and the report suggests that the car was standing still for 17 seconds before it was hit. The second accident took place on June 18, and this time, too, the car stopped for 11 seconds before the accident. The second collision was hard enough to damage the vehicle.

As stated in the report, “The lane to the left of the Google AV was a left-turn-only lane. The vehicle waiting immediately behind the Google AV in the straight-only lane began to move forward when the green arrow left turn signal appeared (despite the signal for the straight-only lane remaining red) and collided with the rear bumper of the Google AV.”

As per USA Today, Google used to report its accidents to the California Department of Motor Vehicles for years but never broadcasted the data publicly. However, due to pressure from activist organizations, Google decided to make the report public.

According to the Google Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report, there are 23 Lexus RX450h SUVs and 25 prototype cars on the road, and all the vehicles are focusing majorly on Mountain View, CA streets. Google cars have already covered more than 2 million miles around Silicon Valley.

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