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Google Search Undergoes Slight Makeover

Google Search Undergoes Slight Makeover


Google Search Undergoes Slight Makeover

Have you noticed the slight changes to Google search results when you recently used it? There is nothing to be alarmed about. You did not unintentionally make unnecessary changes to the settings. Things would look a little different from now on.

It was on Wednesday, March 12, when Google first rolled out the tweaks in the search results pages. The changes initially targeted the desktop search page. The measure carried over several noticeable changes that were initially rolled out on the search engine’s version for mobile and tablet devices by the end of last year.

Change in appearance

If you are still unaware and inattentive about those changes, you might ask, what have changed since then? First, users would now notice that the giant search engine has eliminated the underlines that used to highlight the search results. As a replacement, Google has enlarged the font size of each of the search result titles.

You would notice that the end result now appears simpler and more streamlined. It could be another strategy to improve the overall look of the pages. The changes now make the results page more readable and easier to the eyes because there is greater white space than ever before.

Changes in ad presentations

The second change would have to involve the ads in results pages. In the past, the ads in those pages were set against shaded boxes. This time, Google has adopted a sunnier and more cheerful appearance. It denotes paid results with smaller yellow boxes that are placed next to the link labeled ‘Ad.’

Users of the search engine could also expect not to see banner ads within search results anymore. The company first rolled out a test of banner advertisements with up to 30 brands in October. Google has already ended that experiment. Thus, the ads no longer appear at the topmost potion of brand search results for a small subset of online users.

Interestingly, another search engine has also recently rolled out changes to its results pages. Microsoft Corp’s Bing has just announced its new feature that could help its users in finding a better version of any image when that photo required by the user is of low quality because of low resolution or a wrong dimension. To browse for images, users of Bing should use the icon placed at the page’s bottom part. It reads ‘Image Match.’ By clicking on that, more options are presented.     

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