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Google Says We’re Sorry! April Fools’ Prank Gone Wrong

Google Says We’re Sorry! April Fools’ Prank Gone Wrong
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Google Says We’re Sorry! April Fools’ Prank Gone Wrong

Every April fools’ day pranks are awaited and watched for. This time, however, the joke Google played upon its user’s might have been over the top. It has managed to annoy a lot of people, which ended up having serious consequences and thus ended with a need for apologies.

This year, Google has came out with something that is not so fun, as it ended up costing some users their jobs. The search engine has quickly pulled their recent gag and has now apologized for their joke and has explained what went wrong, reports Ubergizmo.

The Aprils Fool’s joke in question is the controversial “mic drop” feature from Gmail. The prank came in the form of a post on the Official Gmail Blog. According to Digital Trends, the post started by establishing a common problem through email threads from which we want to escape because they are either time-wasting, inappropriate or repetitious.

The supposedly new Gmail “send + mic drop” feature was introduced claiming that “friends and family have been testing Gmail Mic Drop for months, and the response so far has been awesome.” Additionally, the post said that an “explanatory image” will accompany the email.

The users who thought the feature was real assumed that a dignified notice that the sender has left the thread would be sent. But that was not the case. By clicking the mic drop, it sends the message along with a GIF of a “minion-like” character  dressed in a royal cloak and crown.  The said character runs around then drops a mic out of the image frame.

Immediately negative reactions were received. Apparently, many users forgot that April Fools is just around the corner and didn’t take a hint with the post closing saying “stay tuned and stay saucy.” The tech giant, on the other hand, has been quick to kill the controversial prank from Gmail and even went as far as to come up with a detailed apology and an explanation to what went wrong, reports The Verge.

Attached as an update to the top of the original blog post is the apology explaining how the joke feature, which added an obnoxious minion GIF to emails and then muted the thread, has caused havoc on people’s personal and professional lives due to critical oversights.

Google says that the feature shouldn’t be placed near much used Gmail buttons like send and send & archive. It also admits that it has failed at building safeguards like asking its email platform’s users to turn on the feature on and confirming it was active before sending a mic drop message.

The search engine has also admitted that there is a bug that would include the minion GIF even without pressing the mic drop option. Once a user accidentally clicked the joke button within a new “compose message” with no recipients, the GIF would still attach itself to that message after the recipients has been added and the send button was clicked.

The official blog post written by Software Engineer Victor-bogdan Anchidin ended their apology stating that “Again, sorry. We love April Fools jokes at Google, and we regret that this joke missed the mark and disappointed you.

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