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Google Rolls Out ‘Interactive, Digital Atlas’ in Maps Gallery

Google Rolls Out ‘Interactive, Digital Atlas’ in Maps Gallery


Google Rolls Out ‘Interactive, Digital Atlas’ in Maps Gallery

Google is again changing how we look at maps. The giant search engine has launched Maps Gallery, which it describes as an ‘interactive, digital atlas.’ The maps could already be viewed through its own Web address or through Google Earth. Those can also be discovered through the top online search engines.

In a statement, the company said the Maps Gallery is designed to let users explore different maps that depict just about everything from climate trends in the world to updated evacuation routes. It can be used by just about everyone from students to ordinary people who need to use maps.

Evolution of the map 

Before Maps Gallery, several non-profit organizations have already created various types of maps that can somehow take users back in time by showing how the world appeared in the past. But such maps are not always accessible to the online public.

Google’s new interactive and digital endeavor includes maps from organizations like the National Geographic Society, the United States Geological Survey, the World Bank Group, the City of Edmonton, and the Florida Emergency Management agency. More organizations are expected to add their maps into Maps Gallery over time.

The map of the future

Jordan Breckenridge, Google Maps product manager, provided an insight into the future of this new digital product. In a recent blog post, he indicates that the Gallery is expected to further grow in the coming months and years. He also outlined how it can be useful to people.

Mr. Breckenridge said that through Maps Gallery, it would be easier for users to determine where they are, where they have been, and where they are going. He assured that the new maps would provide a new way at how we all look at the world we live in.

Uses of Maps Gallery

How can the Gallery be useful to us? For history buffs, there are trails of the travel path of Lewis & Clark during their popular expedition. Parents could check out the list of best schools in any given area or in their own region.

Moreover, there are maps indicating Internet usage in every country by time. Want a practical use of maps? Maps Gallery can even provide you with information about housing affordability in communities, historic city plans, and information about US congressional districts. It can even locate shipwrecks that have accumulated through the history. 

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