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Google Right To Be Forgotten Coverage Expands

Google Right To Be Forgotten Coverage Expands
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Google Right To Be Forgotten Coverage Expands

Google is on the move. From trying to develop “smart” products, to strengthening its hold online and keeping its users busy with its services and products. Today is no different, as it is reported that the California based firm is expanding its link removals for the European “right to be forgotten” requests, reports The Verge.

The program will now remove all hidden content under the ruling from all versions of the Google search engine in countries where it has been approved.  In simpler terms, a link that has been requested by someone in a particular European country will remove it from all its European pages, but users can still view or search that link or information from other homepages like the main “” if searched.

However with the new expansion, the link will no longer be available for viewing even if the user tried using other regions’ homepages. Currently, the program is only applicable to European users. Google was not forthcoming, however, on how they will make sure that the user who is trying to access it is in Europe but speculations are it might try using IP addresses.

The latest expansion is reported by Reuters to be an action to soothe the objections of Europe’s privacy regulators to its implementation of a landmark EU ruling. In the past, the tech giant has traded blows with several EU data protection authorities since a May 2014 ruling at the European Court of Justice was passed.

The court order is that people can ask search engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing to remove inadequate or irrelevant information that could appear on searches under their name which has subsequently lead to it being dubbed the “right to be forgotten.”

However, all did not go well the first time as the French data protection authority was not satisfied with the steps the tech giant has taken. By September, they had threatened to fine Google if it did not scrub search results globally across all homepages or versions of its sites. The tech giant decided today to just filter results according to the location of a user.

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