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Google Receives Order to Pull Out Supposed Anti-Islam Video from YouTube

Google Receives Order to Pull Out Supposed Anti-Islam Video from YouTube


Google Receives Order to Pull Out Supposed Anti-Islam Video from YouTube

Google Inc has finally been ordered by a court to pull out the controversial video ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from the company’s video-sharing unit YouTube. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals today dismissed the giant technology company’s assertion that removing the short movie from the Website would restrain the freedom of speech provision of the US Constitution.

The decision came after a court vote of 2-1. The complainant was Cindy Lee Garcia. She has been objecting how the movie used a clip featuring her without her full consent. Garcia claims that she had made that clip for another movie. She also asserts that she had learned that the producers not just used that clip in the film. They even dubbed it to make it appear like she was asking viewers, “Is your Mohammed a child molester?”

Garcia was also insisting that her part in the controversial film should also be subject to copyright. She wants to take that copyright as well. Unfortunately, a lower court declined her requests. That is why she approached the appellate court.

Court decision

In the latest court decision, Garcia scored a victory when she obtained the approval for copyright claim. The court also underlined the serious threats that she has been receiving since the case was filed. It declared that Garcia is facing an irreparable harm in the absence of an injunction of the film.

9th Circuit judge Alex Kozinski said this case is rare and troubling. He emphasized how Garcia was obviously duped. In a statement, he even said that the case is disappointing but not surprising. The judge even acknowledged Garcia’s right to sue Google for the protection of herself and of her rights.

Right thing to do 

In a statement coursed through her lawyer, Garcia reiterated that it was the right thing to do for the court to order the pulling out of the film. She emphasized that the film radically differs from just about everything that Garcia believes in.

‘Innocence of Muslims’ was billed as a trailer. It made waves after depicting Islamic religion’s Prophet Mohammed as a sexual deviant and as a fool. Upon its launch online, the movie sparked anti-American sentiments especially within Muslim countries like Libya and Egypt in 2012. For most Muslims, depiction of their prophet in unlikely light could be considered as blasphemy and should not be tolerated.

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